From Mary and Ed Phelps @ The Preserve…

The Preserve at Chocorua Barn, November 12, 2017

The Preserve at Chocorua Barn, November 12, 2017

On Sunday night we were awakened to the horrible news that our wonderful barn was on fire. Rushing to the frightening scene, we saw the huge flames lighting the sky as firemen tried to save this lovely building, the site of so many happy occasions over so many years. It was soon realized that saving it was impossible so successful efforts to prevent the destruction of the Inn across the driveway began in earnest. At the end, after the total collapse of the barn and the destruction of the beautiful trees surrounding it, all we felt was devastation and despair.

Within hours, however, our hearts began to be uplifted from the outpouring of concern and support from family, friends, brides whose weddings had been here, and the townspeople of Tamworth, some of whom we had never met. So many expressed their sadness and shared their memories of the special moments in their lives that had happened here. Tears flowed but resolve began to grow as the hours passed and we knew we had to accomplish a miracle and somehow rebuild our very special barn. Alternate venues and lodging for our pending events were of great concern, and many generous offers came forth in the ensuing hours. 

We thank you all for reaching out to us and giving us such love and reassurance at such a difficult time.

Much gratitude goes out to the more than 40 firemen from area towns who worked so hard to control this horrible fire, and special thanks to Tamworth Fire Chief Richard Colcord and Fire Captain Matt Baumann.

We have asked the Tamworth Economic Development Commission to be our liaison with the community so as to keep you all informed of our plans and progress as we begin to recreate our wonderful Barn here at the Preserve at Chocorua.  They are forming a plan to invite the whole community to help with the restoration. 

Please contact Pat at for further information. 

Thank you all again!

Mary and Ed Phelps