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Recent Programs

New Career Day:  
The Tamworth Economic Development Commission hosted an important Forum in May 2016 that addressed a serious matter ….. that of employment opportunities. There are many individuals in our area who may be unemployed, underemployed, or perhaps even wanting to become trained for a completely different career path. We want to bring these people together, along with a variety of companies who have previously agreed to train selected individuals.

At the end of an agreed upon time period, the newly trained individuals may be offered permanent employment where they have been trained or they may choose to go elsewhere with recommendations and a record of their newly acquired experience for their resume as they apply for similar positions. 14 businesses took part,  seeking employees in the diverse fields of hospitality, medical, veterinary, food management, stone work, education and several others others.  A number of people were hired as a result of interviews conducted at the forum.

B.I.G. Business Idea Generator: To identify ideas to spur economic growth in our community. TEDC is following up with those interested in pursuing ideas presented at the meeting on available funding sources and building planning services.

Agribusiness – A Regional Informational Forum: To promote local agriculture and increase revenues through cooperation among local vendors.

Tamworth Artisans Unite: Tamworth is full of talented artisans who have, with a little guidance from TEDC and a successful effort on the part of the artists, combined to become Artworks. Their arts and crafts are showcased not only at the Tamworth Marketplace in the summer and the Remick Gift Shop year round, but also at their own showroom on rte 16 in Chocorua. If you have not yet been there it is well worth the trip!

Looking to the Future: Well, that’s where we have come from and the path taken to reach the present…..and we can’t wait to see where our hard work and dedication will take us in the future! Please keep in touch with us with your good ideas and suggestions….together we can accomplish anything!