Tamworth, NH


See the 2022 TEDC Broadband Forum (YouTube)

The Cook Library was kind enough to record and post the event in its entirety. Clicking the button will launch YouTube where you can watch the forum.

Our Strategic Goal

Carroll County Broadband received a grant from the USDA to devise a fiber-based internet network for all of us! This is a great opportunity for us to improve our connectivity and quality of life across the county.

The crucial next step in the fiber internet network planning process is a community survey that we need 20-30% of households to fill out. This survey is the only way we can understand where the gaps are in current infrastructure. 

 Please take a moment to fill out this SHORT survey, which is being hosted and found at the North Country Council’s website: www.nccouncil.org/broadband. If you have questions about the project, there is also an FAQ at the link above. Lastly, please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and neighbors.

Please help so we can all have a great broadband connection!